Direct And Indirect Speech

Direct And Indirect Speech
A.      Answer The question beginning with “he (she) asked me….”
1.       What time is it?
She asked me what time it was.
2.       Did you finish your assignment?
She asked me if I had finished my assignment.
3.       Have you seen my sister?
She asked me if Ihad seen her sister.
4.       Is what you said really true?
He asked me if what I sad was really true.
5.       Who do you think will win the champion league?
He asked me who I think would win the champion league.
B.      Change the following quote sentence in to reported ones.
1.       Vera said, “Should come to the seminar”.
Vera said if I should come to the seminar.
2.       “Is what I`ve heard true?” said Shinta.
Shinta asked me if was she has heard is true.
3.       Bayu,” Come to my birthday party.”
Bayu told me to come to his birthday party.
4.       Hilda said,”Ineed to eat now.”
Hilda said she need to eat now.
5.       “Can you meet me,”Irfan said ,”after class?”
Irfan asked me if Ican meet him after class.
M Fahmi Nugraha
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