Comand and Request

Make a command based on the following sentences
1. you must help your mom
  • help your mom
2. you shouldn’t do that
  • don’t do that
3. we had better study together
  • lets study together
4. you musn’t be arrogant
  • don’t be arrogant
5. you ought to be polite
  • you should be more polite
6. we don’t have to be here
  • lets get out of here
7. you have to obey yout father even when he seems to strict
  • respect your father
8. you should take care off our earth
  • lets take care of earth
9. you shouldn’t be like that
  • don’t be like that
10. you must make perent proud of you
  • be a good son
Make a request for the given situation
1. you want to ask your tutor a question
  • would you tell me on more time, mr?
2. you are at your friend’s here, you want to use the phone.
  • may i use your phone?
3. you are at a restaurant, you’ve finished the meal. you ask the waiter for the bill.
  • can your give me a bill right now?
4. you knock on your tutor’s half open door. he’s sitting at his desk, you want to get in.
  • could i come in the class, mr?
5. you want  to see agung’s dictionary.
  • would you lend me your dictionary?
6. you are in the class. you are hot. you are talking to your friend.
  • can you turn on the air coditioner?


M Fahmi Nugraha


4 EB 07

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